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5 Reasons Why an IT Audit Can Pave the Road to Success

(Alberta, Canada) - Success in today’s business world demands the efficient use of information, but how can you be sure your IT system is meeting all of your company’s needs? The answer is an IT audit. David Papp, author of “IT Survival Guide: Conquering Information Technology in Your Organization,” explains that this is one audit you don’t want to avoid.

“The field of information technology is changing so rapidly that even well-trained IT managers have difficulty keeping up,” Mr. Papp explains. “An IT audit gives your company a snapshot of how well your IT system is meeting the needs of the business.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Papp admits, most organizations have never heard of an IT assessment or audit much less the benefits they can provide. As an international IT consultant, Mr. Papp has performed hundreds of IT assessments and audits. He lists five common reasons why they are essential:

  • Identifying current IT system vulnerabilities
  • Defining short-term and long-term IT system needs
  • Bridging gaps in communication between executive and IT personnel
  • Providing an outside, objective IT assessment
  • Developing a strategic plan to align IT and corporate goals

“One of the greatest benefits of an IT audit is that business owners and IT managers sit down to strategize together,” David states. “Communication is always a critical component of success, and IT audits facilitate this on many levels.”

Mr. Papp recommends that companies perform periodic IT assessments and audits on a regular basis simply because changes in Information Technology occur so frequently. This practice ensures that companies stay up to date and competitive within their industries, positioning them well for success.

About the author:

David Papp is an international IT consultant with over twenty years’ experience in IT systems. He is a popular keynote speaker on numerous IT topics. Mr. Papp has a computer engineering degree from the University of Alberta and holds multiple industry certifications.

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("IT Survival Guide: Conquering Information Technology in Your Organization" by David Papp; ISBN: 978-0-9868213-0-1; $19.95; softcover; 6" x 9"; 98 pages; PFH Publishing)



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